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FAST Mfg Releases 2016 Products and Early Order Program

Sep 03, 2015    
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FAST Releases New Tri-Fold Sprayer Booms - 9500TF

Jan 26, 2015    
Fast's new 80-100' tri-fold booms gives an even more compact sprayer design and also gives operators the ability to stay on thei…  

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0% Interest Financing and Leasing Options

Sep 19, 2014
FAST is offering 0% interest financing for the first 12 months as well as attractive cash flow leasing options...

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February 10-13

Camoplast Tracks

FAST offers the 15" CAMSO/Camoplast Track system which provides superior flotation and helps increase your application window with our 2400 gallon tank. 78% ground pressure reduction compared to single tires and uses suspended, double oscillating mid-rollers for greater stability as well as oil bath bearings for increased durability. Click here to see a video and more info.




FAST Steerable Hitch

The FAST Steerable Hitch option will automatically compensate on both hillsides and while turning on headlands to leave more bushels in your fields. Click here to see a video and more info.

Steerable Hitch









FAST Hydraulic AutoYaw System

The FAST Hydraulic AutoYaw System provides hydraulic cushioning to control FAST's 120'/132' booms. This system significantly reduces boom stress caused by and sudden tractor movements and will lengthen the life of your sprayer. Click here to see a video and more info.


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